YDA trainers and the science behind them

The YDA trainer may be one of the most technologically advanced shoes in the world. Designed to relieve pain and offer support for diabetics and people recovering from foot injuries, the YDA’s are the height of orthotic excellence.

YDA’s are the creation of Optima Molliter, an Italian company you’ve probably never heard of. Optima are masters of orthotics. Their foot support technology has been helping doctors, podiatrists and orthotists around the world treat diabetes-related and neuroischaemic plantar wounds for many years. The YDA trainer is their first casual footwear creation.

When you look at the science involved in making the YDA’s you quickly understand why Optima Molliter won the Internation Innovation Award for Wearable technologies 2019.

Starting with the heel of the shoe. It has a comfortable, cushioned internal structure that protects the heel from injury by gently stabilising it during movement.

The YDA ROCKER soles are made of ultra-light E.V.A. that absorbs heel impact as the foot lands on the ground. It also contains stabilising, non-slip rubber pads that make every step a wonderful sensory experience.

On the inside of the shoe, the YDA removable sole bottoms reduce impact pressure, which reduces foot and leg fatigue thereby enhancing performance. They are lightweight, breathable and can easily be replaced with your own custom-made orthotic insert.

The internal insert of the shoe contains Spring System technology, a propulsive synthetic fiber which induces a mechanical bending action with every step.

They come with a seam-free inner lining, which envelops the foot in a protective, cushioned sheath and prevents ulceration of the skin. It also means there’s no break-in period, comfort beings on the first wear.

And finally, the laces. YDA shoes have a semi-elastic rapid lace lock system with a buckle cord clip. This allows continuous adjustment to the foot, giving you unparalleled comfort throughout the day.

All these features combined culminate in a trainer unrivaled for its comfort and promotion of wellbeing for feet.

It explains why they are the number one trainer bought by diabetics around the world and it’s why we recommend them to anyone with foot problems.

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